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This page provides links to a number of specialized browsable lists.

Browse by neighbourhood

An interactive map of the City of Toronto, divided into neighbourhoods, that allows for browsing of all buildings within a particular neighbourhood.


Tall Buildings HomePage

A huge amount of resources, from maps and graphs, to searches over lists of buildings, for high-rises in the city.


Browse recent additions or changes to TOBuilt

Browse most recently added buildings

All buildings, sorted by those most currently added to the database.

Browse most recently changed buildings

All buildings for which some information has been added or updated, sorted by how recently the information was changed.


Browse historical and heritage buildings

National Historic Sites in Toronto

Most buildings that have been designated a National Historic Site are found in TOBuilt. Some National Historic Sites are not yet included, but eventually will be. Others, like the recently-declared Kensington Market, are out of scope for the database (since the site is a neighbourhood, not a building). Keep in mind that a single National Historic Site may translate into several buildings within TOBuilt, for instance, at Fort York or the Gooderham & Worts complex.

Toronto's Oldest Buildings

Buildings from 1850 and older that are in TOBuilt, sorted by year.


Other categories

Buildings that moved

This search provides a list of some buildings (or other structures) that no longer sit where they were originally built. I doubt this list is inclusive, but if you know of additions, please email me going to the "Contacts and Copyright" page.

Browse favourites

Some of my personal favourite buildings.

Browse oddities and whatnots

Without judgement or comments, a list of some of the more unusual buildings in the city, either well known or obscure.


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