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This page provides some information about the creator of this site, and provides copyright and contact information.  


Bob Krawczyk is a former archivist. He has no formal training in architecture but enjoys the built environment, cycling, taking photos, researching, and organizing data. He is a somewhat frequent contributor at UrbanToronto.



I embarked on began this work in 2003 as a contributor to the website Skyscrapers.com (now Emporis), which focuses primarily on tall buildings. Eventually, I more or less completed the work on tall buildings in Toronto, and stopped contributing to Emporis. Considering other options, I eventually began photographing and gathering data buildings on the City of Toronto's Inventory of Heritage Properties, adding other lists of buildings into the mix, such as those that have won awards. Currently, I am quite liberal in what I will include in TOBuilt.


Site history

Here are highlights of the site.



I am indebted to a number of people for this site.


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